Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pregnancy: September 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008
At around 5.5 months, I started feeling the baby move, too... it was so awesome! What an unbelievable feeling; and that reverence, that awe, hasn't gone away, either. Every time I feel him kick, or move, or change positions, my brain wants to turn everything off and focus inwards; I stop in mid-conversation, sometimes in the middle of a word, and gaze downwards... it's just so amazing and miraculous and beautiful, and it is turning me into a sappy mess, I can tell you that much for sure! I am so in love with being pregnant, I can hardly express it. I just want to savor every moment of this time, these last few precious months of pregnancy, before I get to treasure our brand new baby boy.

Saturday, September 27, 2008
This pregnancy has been sooo easy, but the last couple of weeks I've started to see some changes. Last week, for instance, I was home from work with hip pain that was making me limp. Probably a combination of pregnancy hormones and a recurrence of my old pelvic injury (the fracture from 2003's car accident)... but uncomfortable nonetheless, and downright painful many times! This past week, I woke up from a bad dream to uncontrollable shaking that lasted around 10 minutes... it was quite scary, actually. We weren't sure if we should go in to the doctor or not, but decided not to because I had an appointment already later that day. At the appt., he was fairly dismissive, and merely said to watch out for it happening again before calling the hospital. Thanks for the reassurance??

Anyway, on Friday I went in for my glucose screen, which came back a little high according to the doctor-- so now I have to go in next Thursday for a Glucose Tolerance Test, which involves fasting and three hours of blood tests. Woo-hoo! That'll tell me/us whether or not I have Gestational Diabetes... which would suck. Keep your fingers crossed!