Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When it rains...

This Monday, I took a qualifying test for the Stanislaus County Office of Education as part of the process of being considered for a program secretary job. It pays just about the same as I'm making at my current job, but there are a few differences-- first, there are no evening meetings. What a blessing that would be! Second, it is in the Human Resources department, which is where I'd eventually like to end up. It could be a stepping stone type of position for me, and once I'm in I'd be able to apply for in-house vacancies that are not open to the general public. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one...

Then, this afternoon I checked the mail and found a letter from the Housing Authority of Stanislaus County, responding to a job I applied for in-- get this-- December 2010. What the?! Apparently, I made it through the first round of eliminations and have been selected to participate in a pre-qualifying test next Tuesday. Talk about waiting a little while to hear back from someone! I don't even have the copy of the original application that I sent it, because I just went through my old "Jobs Applied For" file and tossed everything older than 2011. Well, I guess this means that I've still got a few options on the board. Woo-hoo!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gentle hands.

This weekend, I had the most amazing experience while putting Ethan to bed. We had finished our usual ritual of bedtime story (current favorite: Little Book of Mother Goose Rhymes), bedtime song (Itsy Bitsy Spider and my original "Ethan's Lullaby"-- which I've been humming or singing to him since he was born), and bedtime hugs and kisses, when the atmosphere suddenly changed... I was leaning over him giving one last kiss goodnight, when he reached up and gently stroked my cheek. Then, he touched his own cheek in the same area, before stretching out his arm again and stroking my other cheek and then his own. He continued to do this sort of mirror-touching until he'd gone over our cheeks, foreheads, lips, and chins, all the while gazing into my eyes.

It was so moving and surreal and introspective; I kept wondering what exactly he was thinking, and what this experience meant for him... after he'd finally had enough, he pulled me down for one last kiss and said "'Night, mommy," before rolling over to face the wall. I left there and couldn't stop thinking about that strange, interesting, genuine experience we'd shared. What a precious gift from my little boy.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Birthday week.

Had a great birthday. Joel upgraded my Kindle e-reader to a Kindle Fire, and I love it. Not necessarily for reading, though; more for the extras, like all of the apps and games and netflix and so on. My new "toy." :)

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Julie's family, at the usual potluck with lots of birthday shots (my new fave liquor: Stoli Chocolate Razberi vodka, yum!) and delicious ham with sweet potatoes... low key, great friends, and not much drama. Just wish Ethan had more buddies around his age.

Speaking of Ethan, we couldn't go anywhere over the long weekend because he was sick, poor thing. Even had to miss his buddy Chase's birthday party at Funworks, boo hiss.

I've got to come to terms with the idea of not having another child... and quick, too, before I "accidentally" take matters into my own hands and end up regretting it.

Sayonara little ones, more later.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Ethan woke up crying out in terror at 2:40 a.m. I ran into his room and knelt next to his bed, stroking his back and murmuring comforting words while he cried, begging me to get rid of the bugs. I assured him there were no bugs on him, and he said "No, mommy! The bugs are on daddy!" I told him daddy was asleep in bed and he said, again, "NO, mommy! Daddy fell down on the bed and now he's all red and covered with bugs!" That sent a shiver up my spine. What a terrifying image to have in his little head! It took him about 45 minutes to fall asleep again... and most of that time I spent wrapped up in his arms while he tried to calm down. Poor thing. :(

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wow. Long time, No blog.

So much has happened since the last time I was on here!
To sum up:
- My parents have moved-- yet again-- but this time they're in senior housing. Next stop after this: Assisted living, primarily for my mom. Guess this means we're all getting older...

- My little baby boy has graduated into toddlerhood and now has (basically) mastered a major rite of passage: potty-training. Most mornings he wakes up with a nice, dry bed... and most days he has no accidents. Today, he had his biggest accomplishment yet: he went into the bathroom, took down his pants and underwear, climbed onto the potty-seat, and went potty-- pee *and* poop!-- all by himself. That was the first time he has pooped of his own volition in the right place; up til now he was struggling with that one. I'm so very proud of him!

- This weekend, Joel & I go to the City to hang out, visit our favorite spots, check out Hobson's Choice and the vintage stores and then attend Blackout SF to see DJ Drag'nfly (among others) and dance all night. Can't wait. :)

Anyway, I'm sure there's more, but it's these long, drawn-out posts that make me reluctant to keep up with my blog, so I'll stop there. Short, fast, and sweet-- like the apple pie pops I made tonight. Yurm....