Friday, November 7, 2008

Pregnancy: November 1-7, 2008

Sunday, November 02, 2008
Well, it's taken about 30 weeks, but I'm finally feeling the "bad part" of pregnancy. Never had to deal with morning sickness, not even once-- never had queasiness, illness, sensitivity to smells, nothing. The most I've dealt with so far is the speedy pulse that happens every so often, and in the beginning when I would get dizzy every time I stood up, or when I was so overwhelmingly tired but couldn't get any sleep-- no big deal, really, when you think about it. Now, however, things are beginning to get a bit yucky. I've been having these severe leg cramps in my right calf-- one time, I woke up screaming and crying from the pain; Joel had to massage my leg for 15 minutes until it relaxed. Then, in the past few days, I've been really feeling the effects of the relaxin hormone coursing through my body. Yay?

I believe that I'm experiencing what is called either SPD (Symphysis Pubis Disfunction) or PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain). Basically, the ligaments in my pelvic region (at the coccyx in the back and the pubic symphysis in front) are loosening due to the relaxin-- loosening a bit too much, unfortunately, exactly at the time when they need to be working the hardest to support my belly and the baby. It causes pain when lifting your legs (climbing stairs, going up and down curbs, getting in and out of bed), separating your legs (entering and exiting the car, bathtub, etc.), and even just walking. There isn't a lot in terms of treatment that's available, mainly some basic avoidance of pain-causing situations, plus stretching, relaxation exercises, pelvic floor exercises, rest, etc. In fact, I'm sure my doctor-- like most U.S. doctors, who scoff at PGP/SPD-- will brush it off as just another normal part of pregnancy. Except that I know that I should be able to at least walk without such severe, sharp, mind-blowing pain. I still have 8 weeks to go, people! How am I supposed to do a regular work-week like this? Sometimes, I can hardly walk from the couch to the kitchen, so how am I supposed to do a normal work schedule, which involves standing and sitting and all of that stuff?

Anyway... I'm going to try contacting a few different options nearby, like a massage therapist who specializes in prenatal massage, and a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy therapy, the Walker Technique, and pelvic pain. Maybe one of htose options will work out. Other than that, I guess it's homeopathic treatments for me, and crossing my fingers that I can make it at least one more month at work!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008
It's pretty amazing... today, I have been pregnant for 32 weeks. I ony have two months to go, or eight weeks-- that's only eight more weekends hanging out with Joel, taking walks or watching "Ghost Hunters" or lazing around on the couch. I only have five more Monday mornings where I have to show up at work, and then it's home to wait out the next three weeks in comfort... And then, finally, we get to meet our new baby boy.

Whenever I think of it, how close we are, how it could really happen at almost any time during the next several weeks (hopefully, after my birthday on the 24th!), it makes me giddy. I am awestruck, just imagining how much my life is about to change, how amazing the birth experience is going to be, how beautiful our family is becoming with the anticipation of this new person joining us...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again-- it's so hard to be at work right now, trying to concentrate on these things that seem so trivial compared to the huge, overwhelming importance of birth and family and home and love. Maybe it's the hormones or something, but I am continually overcome with these moments of joy and serenity, and I want to bask in them-- especially because I realize that someday soon I may be so tired and frustrated that I need to remember the beauty of parenthood (so that I can survive the not-so-beautiful moments!). Anyway, enough sappiness for the night... I'm going to go rest and revel in each kick, each roll, each movement that the baby is so generously sharing with me. :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008
Just a quick note before I pass out--
I've noticed that my belly seems to be losing sensation, as if it's going numb, or something. When I touch my skin across my tummy, it almost feels like touching someone else's skin, or the way your body feels after your arm or leg "falls asleep". Very weird and a bit surreal.

UPDATE: I found out that this is because there are very few nerves along the belly, and when the skin stretches out it pulls the nerves farther from each other, leaving these numb spots in between. There is also more pressure on the nerves themselves from Junior & the ever-expanding womb, which adds to the numbness. All I know is, it is very frustrating to feel the need to scratch an itch on your tummy, and then not be able to feel the relief because you can't even tell you're scratching anything!

Friday, November 07, 2008
So, the baby has been moving a little differently lately. Early on, it was mostly little bumps and thumps, taps and kicks and so on. Sometimes it seemed like he was trying out for some sort of tap-dancing contest, or was practicing his drumming, or maybe even doing some light boxing against the inside of my tummy. Now, however, there is less of that "thump tap bump" type of movement, and more rolling, sliding, and sweeping moves going on. He'll take his "foot" (or whatever) and slide it across my stomach, for instance, or I'll look down and see a huge bump move from just above my right hip all the way up towards my rib cage... it's so weird, and to be honest, kind of feels gross sometimes. Well, maybe not "gross", but definitely weird with a capital "W". Not only does it sometimes seem like an alien is nesting in my belly and starting to remodel or Riverdance or attempt jiujitsu moves, but when those big rolling movements start it also can make me feel kind of queasy (almost "carsick"), if only for a moment. It's like being on a roller-coaster, or driving fast over a small hill-- you get this "whoaaaa" feeling in your tummy as everything moves around internally. Very strange... but somehow, still cool! :)

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