Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Yes, we've been invited to a Christmas party... except that we are supposed to wear the ugliest Christmas sweaters we can find, which adds that special something to the festivities. Joel and I went on a hunt of our local second-hand stores for the goods, and found these beauties.

Here's Joel's sweater; the "lights" on the tree are 3-D and sparkly:
CIMG2464 (Custom)
I'm also going to add these little bell things to the shoulders as epaulets...
CIMG2465 (Custom)

And this lovely cardigan is mine:
CIMG2473 (Custom)
The design continues around the back as well. And check out the buttons-- they're little Christmas lights.
CIMG2474 (Custom)

How awesome are those sweaters? I mean, *bad* awesome, of course. I hope they're giving out prizes at this party, because I think we have a couple of doozies here. At first, we weren't sure where to find the right kind of sweaters. When we looked online, we uncovered the strange truth: Ugly Christmas Sweater parties are a growing trend, it seems. You can google it for proof, or just start your wondrous journey through the phenomenon at this site.

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