Thursday, March 3, 2011

Friendly Boy

My son is a constant source of pleasure and pride for me. I love that he is such a friendly and outgoing child, and that he feels so comfortable (usually) with people. Lately, every time we go out to a store he walks up to a stranger or two and starts a random conversation about something...

For example, we were at Rite Aid for to drop off a prescription and he found some trucks he was interested in on a shelf near the door. Every person who came in or walked out of the pharmacy got a greeting from my boy, plus a toddler-style chat about the dump truck and its critically acclaimed role in "Team Umizoomi: Umi City Race" (Ethan's favorite episode to watch and re-watch for the past week or so). It was so sweet! He would walk up to them and, depending on their age, call them "Baba" (his name for Grandma) or "Fie" (his name for my sister Stefanie) to get their attention, and then just start chattering away about dun-duck (dump truck) and his various exploits in the cartoon. And it was so nice to watch how everyone responded to him; each person got a huge smile on their face, spoke to him a little bit, and walked away a little bit happier than when they came in. All because of my boy. Now, that's what I call a proud-mama moment.


  1. That is so sweet! He hasn't learned to fear strangers know the whole Danger Stranger message. I just love that's sad to think that we have to teach our children to fear those they don't know....but that is the world we live in these days.

  2. Yeah, me too... I love watching it now, even knowing that it's going to change soon enough. Too sad, but so sweet right now. :)