Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dental Drama: The Toddler Edition

Joel took Ethan in today for his first dental visit, and it wasn't good news. He has a cavity that needs to get sealed off so that it doesn't get worse and potentially cause major problems with his mouth and possibly health. Unfortunately, we don't have dental coverage for him. Paying cash means that they'll work with us on payments, but we still have to put down a hefty deposit ($350) before they'll consider working with us. I haven't asked them yet if they accept Care Credit, which is sort of a medical/dental/health credit card, but maybe if they do we can use what's left on my card to pay for the services. It's going to be a total of around $1300 to take care of his poor tooth. Ouch.

And you want to hear something weird? The dentist wants us to floss Ethan's teeth. Floss? At his age? I honestly don't think I flossed until I was a young adult. Like, even in high school, which is so gross now that I look back on it. But to think that my poor little guy is already having dental issues, when I treated my teeth so horribly and didn't have any major issues at such a young age, just confuses and saddens me.

Bad mom award, for not keeping his teeth pristine until he can do it himself. :(


  1. No bad mom award! We moms are all still trying to figure out how we can do the best for our kids. It feels like I'm constantly learning new ways I could have done things differently :). I have yet to take my 2 year old daughter to her dental appointment. I think I'll let her sit in on her older brothers visit next time. I'm hoping that will help her get acquainted with the idea. I have started flossing my kids teeth, and it's really not that hard. I buy those floss sticks that they like, so it's pretty easy. Maybe you could try those. Good luck! I wanted to pass along this Mom's Guide for caring for our little ones teeth. It has great ideas on how we can keep our kids teeth healthy and even make it fun. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. I bad mom award! You're the best! $h!t happens....ya know! lol It'll all work out. Hang in there!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I have to admit that I'm probably taking this too personally. I just feel bad for my little guy. But, now isn't the time for self-pity-- it's time for action! We've decided to try one of those electric toothbrushes, and the little floss sticks too, and start doing the 2-minute rule with a reward chart, make it fun, etc.... Maybe it'll make our *own* dental habits improve, lol!