Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dance Fever

We had such an awesome weekend... first, we got to spend time with my niece, Leila. Then, we got to out to San Francisco on Saturday and dance like we haven't in ages, to DJs we haven't heard in forever, surrounded by the types of people who we never ever get to see in Modesto. It was so wonderful!

We went because I was looking at website of DJ Dragn'fly, a DJ we heard and absolutely loved last June at the Burning Man Pre-Compression event. I was just checking out her page, because she sometimes offers free mixes and lists events where she'll be spinning-- and I found the Strategik 3 Year Anniversary was going to be happening on May 22nd at 550 Barneveld.

I checked the space out online and read tons of reviews, and they were pretty mixed. It's called Space 550, and it's in the industrial section of Bayview, a kind of sketchy area in south San Francisco. Still, we really wanted to see her, and when we found out that we could get a babysitter we finally decided to go. And I'm so glad we did! It's funny how much it rejuvenates the spirits to be around like-minded folks, and being around Burners does that for me. I loved the whole thing-- the music, the venue, the people, the bartenders, the ambiance, the bathrooms (trust me, that can be very important in its own way), and just the whole kit and kaboodle. Loved it. LOVED it. And can't wait to go again.

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