Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My mouth hurts. Over the years, my tendency to develop canker sores every so often has turned into a tendency to get them on the slightest whim, as in when I taste pineapple or drink orange juice or God only knows what else... I haven't had more than a week free from sores for at least two years, possibly longer. The last time I remember not having them for a week at a time was when I was in Burning Man in 2009. Sometimes, like now, I have up to seven or eight at once-- right now I have four on my tongue, two on the inside of my lip/cheek area, one in the inner corner of my lips, and one on the back of my throat. I can hardly speak without pain, and it sounds like I've got dentures or something. Eating and drinking are quite painful, and forget about kissing. I can hardly remember what it's like to kiss, actually; that's probably the worst part of this whole thing. :( I can't wait for health insurance, so that I can find a doctor who can help me resolve this problem and get back to normal. Hell, I'd settle for mostly normal-- anything is better than dealing with this 9.5 days out of 10!


  1. That's aweful! In the meantime have you googled it....or spoken with a pharmacist. They might have something over the counter....or something you can gargle like saltwater.

  2. I've tried so many remedies... taking Lysine supplements, using a toothpaste without SLS (sodium-laurel sulfate, the stuff that makes toothpaste foam), gargling with saltwater or even hydrogen peroxide (yuck!), using a special mouth-rinse called Biotene, and on and on... The only thing I haven't done is stop eating everything that makes a reaction, because I'm just not willing to give up pineapple, oranges, fruit juice, tomatoes, salsa, soda, tea, wine, alcohol, berries, mangoes, and pretty much everything else that makes meals worth eating. :(