Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Snap to it

Ethan loves baked snap peas. He loves them with a passion usually reserved for M&Ms or soda, and he likes to share them with his toy trucks whenever possible. (The trucks don't seem to like the snap peas as much, for some reason.) They're one of the only vegetables he eats, at this point, so I'm happy to have at least one green thing going down his gullet. And they actually taste good, too! They even have "Caesar" flavored ones, which are quite tasty either straight out of the bag (his preference) or on salads. So I say munch on, little one! These critters'll do until you broaden your palate a bit.


  1. I've never heard of baked snap peas in a package. Where have I been?!! Preston loves those Japanese ana..something. I think they are soy beans. He just LOVES them!

  2. I just googled it....edamame.