Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Lovey" Pants

For the first two years of his life, Ethan had a crocheted baby blue blanket (made for him by our friend Vy Kamrar) that he carried around, pulled apart, and loved nearly to pieces. Just before his second birthday, it "disappeared" into a memory box I'm keeping for him. Since then, he hasn't really found a replacement lovey... until now.

Now, his security item (seen clutched to his chest in this photo) is a pair of tan pajama pants patterned with images of construction vehicles like tow trucks, cement trucks, and caterpillars. He loves those things. He carries them everywhere. And I mean, everywhere. We took him to Ikea once and almost left them behind on a kitchen display-- I thought I was going to have a heart attack, running around from showroom to showroom trying to find them.

He sleeps with them bunched up next to him on the bed, too, and sometimes even gets to wear them to sleep in when it's not too hot at night. I'm trying to find a pair that will fit him when it gets colder... any suggestions would be most appreciated!


  1. Hi suggestions for finding a new pair to fit him, but is there a piece the fabric that you could cut into a square or rectangle that he would still like to hold? Maybe you could sew a little edge around it, like a little mini blanket. BTW, I think that is so sweet!

  2. I meant a piece of the pajama bottoms...I didn't specify that in post above.

  3. If I was a good seamstress, I'd probably try it... for now, I'm just hoping he doesn't completely destroy them before they disappear into his treasure/memory box. I'll keep looking online, too. :)