Saturday, January 21, 2012

Corporate Accounting, or "Hell."

This class is killing my self esteem. I used to think I was pretty bright, but now I have doubts. I've managed to maintain a 4.0 in all of my graduate courses since March 2011, but this one is going to make or break me. I think, in fact, that it will be the one to change my GPA. I've felt challenged before, and I've even felt clueless, but never this boneheaded. I just can't seem to wrap my brain around the financial principles and accounting figures, the endless calculations and formulas that make no logical sense to me. I am more comfortable with the theories, dialogue, analysis and research than with these numbers that dance around along the edges of my understanding. I need help. Big time.


  1. It sounds somewhat like starting a family. At the begining with just one child meybe two, it seems easy. But as the children grow ...surprise!... maybe one, two , or even three drop in. So now you are confronted with several different levels of difficulty, never being able`to drop what you have learned with the youngest in your line-up. Don't forget to refer back to what you learned earlier...or not. Good Luck!

  2. Great analogy-- this is exactly like that. I think I actually was forgetting what I learned earlier, in terms of maintaining a daily study regimen and sticking to a fairly strict reading schedule. Thanks for the reminder :)