Friday, January 2, 2009

Bottle Update

The Nuk bottles aren't working for Ethan any more. In fact, I wonder if they ever were! We thought they were great because he kept his latch and didn't inhale quite as much air with them, but it was still taking 45 minutes to an hour just to drink 2 oz. of milk. We decided to try the Playtex slow-flow nipple with the drop-in liners, but those drop-ins require some sort of Masters Degree in engineering in order to keep them from sliding or bending to the point where the milk spills out everywhere. And then, even when the liners worked and the milk stayed in the bottle on the way up to him, he would end up spilling a ton out of his mouth while drinking-- our precious, valuable, priceless milk! Liquid gold! Stuff it took actual *work* to access, using the pump 8 times a day! As you can see, we didn't like the drop-ins. Hated 'em! So then we rigged up our own combination of parts-- it's a Gerber bottle with a Playtex slow-flow nipple. And it works wonders! He eats twice as much in half the time, and hardly spills anything out while drinking. Perfect! Now we just need to get more than one bottle...

UPDATE: I just found out that the 5 oz. Gerber bottle we love has been discontinued. Ugh! And we tried the Playtex VentAire (tilted bottle), but don't like it much. Guess we're back to the Gerber-Playtex combo, at least for now.

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