Monday, February 2, 2009

"Good" Baby

It's funny... so many people who I meet while I'm out with Ethan ask me the same question: "Is he a good baby?" Well, yes, he is; and he would be whether or not he was crying, quiet, slept a lot or stayed awake, moved around all the time or was still and introspective. Aren't all babies "good" at this stage? How could they be bad? Crying doesn't make a baby "bad"; it is simply a means of communicating a need they have. Or are these people asking me to determine whether or not my son is a bad person when he's only 6 weeks old? Hmm...very strange.

I thought I felt okay about the day care situation, but it's getting tough again the closer it gets. I realize that we can't survive without my full income, so I'm trying to look at it as a sacrifice I'm making for my son and for my family. Oh, but that sacrifice still hurts...

On a more positive note, he has started giving me smiles! They are mainly smiles when he is sleepy and starting to fall asleep, but sometimes he tosses me an adorable dimple out of the blue, when he's wide awake. I love that dimple! And his cleft chin is starting to become more noticeable, too. Got that one from his dad, of course. In fact, he looks so much like Joel, it's ridiculous. Where are the "mommy" traits, huh? Then again, I compared his pictures to the pics of my niece when she was born 10 years ago, and they look remarkably similar-- so I guess the mommy side is in there, somewhere. :)

He's still waking up a few times a night; we have him on a 2.5 to 3 hour schedule, so he goes to bed by 9-ish and then is up at around midnight for his next feeding, then 3-ish, and then wakes up for the day at around 6:00. It's not so bad, except that I'm the only one getting up all night. I don't mean to whine, but that gets really old, really fast. I'm just tiiiirrrreeeeddddd.... in a deep way, like I've been up non-stop for a month. I've gotten sleep-- but it's always in short bursts of 2 hours or less. I feel like I haven't gotten a deep sleep since early November, because I couldn't really sleep for the last month of the pregnancy. If my "partner" doesn't step up soon, I may have to take a vacation to let him handle things on his own for awhile. Maybe that'll give him a better idea of what I'm dealing with.

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