Monday, February 23, 2009

Wounded baby

My poor baby... his face is healing, but now he feels extra yucky because of the immunizations on Friday. And he's super-congested, which makes it really hard for him to eat or sleep without discomfort. We're also trying to work with him more on some things the doctor suggested at our doctor appointment on Friday... Neck control (needs more tummy time) and re-shaping his head. He really likes to sleep on his right side, and this has apparently started to flatten his skull, and started to cause his forehead to bulge a little bit. Yikes! I wish they would have told us about this at our first doctor visit-- to be aware of it, and to switch his head from left to right every other day, so that he doesn't develop any flattening or anything like that. But noooo, they wait until 8 weeks, at which point his skull has already started to change and firm up. Sheesh, people!! I'm going to go warn my friend who is a new mom about this, so that she can avoid having to do what we're doing (i.e., worry about whether or not we'll have to have him in a molding helmet if his skull is still misshapen at the 4-month doctor visit). Ugh. Who knew being a parent carried so much responsibility? ;)

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