Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ethan rolled over today!!! Well, it wasn't a complete 360 or anything, but it was awesome! He was propped up for some tummy time this morning, resting on his elbows/forearms, and apparently decided he'd had enough. He sort of "threw" himself over to his right side and then finished the roll onto his back. Ta-da! How cool is that? I, of course, set him back up on his arms/tummy to see if he could do it again. And he did! But only a couple more times before he got sick of me playing with him like that. (Tee-hee!) Anyway, a cool milestone to see...

He's really coming along, developmentally speaking. I think it all started to kick into high gear when we got him out of regular daycare and into Nina's home, where he gets one-on-one attention and she doesn't leave him sleeping in his crib all day long. Right now, he's three and a half months old, and in the past few weeks has changed so much. He can hold his head up so much better now, and I think he might even be ready to move into the forward-facing position on the Baby Bjorn. We'll try it out this weekend and see how he does... He's also starting to do a lot of leg exercises, "standing" up and pushing against my legs or the floor (or my stomach, sometimes!) whenever he gets a chance. I also noticed just this week that he seemed to be scooching himself along on his tummy-time mat, inching forward just a bit at a time... so it looks like crawling (or at least "worming") is not too far in the future. Yay!

Other than still dealing with his congestion and coughing, he is doing just great. He's such a happy boy, and usually very laid-back; unless you (ahem, Joel) happen to sneeze loudly near him, that is, which is when you see his lovely startle reflex kick in. I should really videotape that sometime... classic.

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