Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cribbin' It

I think Ethan might be ready to move from his crib to the little toddler bed that's set up in his room. In preparation for the move, we've sort of removed the long side of his crib that faces out into the room-- the side that normally lifts up and down. It's sort of like this...

... except that Joel removed that bottom metal bracket so that the entire "movable" side now rests on the ground. This leaves about a foot or so of slats above the mattress level to keep Ethan from rolling out of the crib, but also allows him to start getting him accustomed to a new sleep situation. Since we just started him in the modified crib this week, I'm going to let him get used to it for a few more days before springing any more changes on him. But maybe, just maybe, he can start taking naps in his toddler bed next week. And guess what else? We've already started the beginning, initial, preparatory, baby steps in potty training. So many changes, coming at us so quickly!


  1. That is so cool! Preston just recently got a big boy bed. About 2 months ago when they moved from the apt to a new home in Los Gatos. It's a race car bed....Johnny said it only cost a few hundred dollars....not sure where he got it. Hey Tony had a crib that was for one of his kids that is EXACTLY like the one in this post! We are going to paint it black for Chrissie and Zach....that's what she wanted....and I got brand new parts for the crib mattress holder thingy...and new rails for the one side to go up and down on, in other words...all new hardware. Now I need to start working on stripping the wood and preparing it for painting. YUCK!

  2. Thanks! Ethan sort of wanted to try out his toddler bed tonight, but changed his mind after a few minutes and got back into his crib. :) Sounds like Preston has freed up the crib for his new sibling-on-the-way just in time! Oh, and I can't WAIT to get down there for a visit so I can love on you and Chrissie a little. I miss you guys!