Monday, November 22, 2010


Did you ever have one of those conversations that starts off with you in the position of righteous indignation about someone else's misdeeds, and ends with you sitting quietly, trying to damp down your emotions while hearing about your tendencies to over-react and have "little nuclear explosions" of anger?


Yeah, me neither.

But it seems like a particularly unpleasant way to end your Sunday.


  1. Especially when you would neither "over-react" nor have "nuclear explosions" of anger if the other person would simply STOP doing the crap that's ticking you off.

  2. Yeah, I know... but I also do recognize my own temper problems. I wish I knew better how to control my anger and not let it spill out onto other people. :(

  3. You could try physicality--rake up all the leaves in your yard, then onto the street, then sweep them down the street in front of the driveway, then fill the can a dustpan at a time. That's what I sometimes do at work--go through the store gathering trash, because then I get to chuck it in the compactor! (I'm usually chilled out by the end.) :)

  4. That's actually a great idea. And would solve two problems at once-- burning off steam and getting our yard looking nicer!

  5. You could always come clean my house if you feel so inclined! I hate housework! lol