Saturday, May 30, 2009

Daddy Props

Today, I helped my mom with her yard sale, and Joel took care of Ethan for the morning. He's really such a great dad; he loves spending time with Ethan, and Ethan is constantly looking around for his daddy. He's enthralled by Joel's face, not that I'm surprised... it seems like everywhere we go, babies and little ones are always staring at him and smiling. It is one of the things that made me love him even more, actually; that these innocent creatures, so fresh and new in this world, could recognize that he is a good man and want to be near him was actually enchanting... what a cool way to find out someone is worth keeping around! ;)

Anyway, Joel loves being a dad. Yeah, sometimes it's a little frustrating, just like it is for me, but in general he enjoys the time they spend together. He seems to be so much more comfortable with Ethan now that he's interacting so much with us and with the world around him. One thing I also like about Joel is that he doesn't question or criticize me about my parenting skills or choices about Ethan. I need to learn this invaluable skill from him, because for some reason I keep looking over his shoulder and telling him what to do; talk about micromanaging, sheesh! That's a great way to make him unenthusiastic about taking care of the baby; I've really got to put a clamp on my tendencies to "supervise" when the baby is involved.

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