Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two teeth, or not two teeth.... that is the question.

This week, Ethan's second tooth cut through, right next to his first one. He has been having such a rough time with this teething. Pobrecito! He's really excited about his pacificer now, as a chew toy, but prefers fingers if possible. Not that we want him in the habit of chewing on people to relieve his discomfort, but... you gotta do what you gotta do.

He also just started really, really, *really* getting how to roll over. He's done it by himself so many times now; we set him down on his back, turn around for a few seconds, turn back, and presto! He's on his tummy, arching his back and thrusting his legs up into the air. He even rolls consecutively, like he's trying to get across the room via rolling. Pretty cool! I guess it's time to babyproof the house, hmm?

Oh, and he's becoming much more skilled at using his hands and fingers to manipulate objects, pull things in towards his mouth, and play with toys. A couple of days ago, he was in the car, sitting in his carseat, and I reached in to give him his pacifier. He spit it out twice, so I just left it sitting on his lap and went around to drive over to a friend's house. He was so quiet on the way there that I thought he had fallen asleep. When I arrived, I went in to pick up his carseat and saw that he was still awake-- and had the pacifier in his mouth! Which means, of course, that he figured out how to pick it up, pull it to his mouth, and put it in the right way. All without accidentally dragging it back out (like he does sometimes) because his fingers get caught in the ring and he just yanks them back. Yay, Ethan! He's really figuring it out. He also tries to hold his bottle now, and tries to hold the spoon when I feed him his rice cereal.

Speaking of feeding, I can't WAIT until I can start making his food at home, rather than getting baby food from the store. It's great for convenience and travel and everything, but just like for me & Joel, I'm going to try to stick to home-made food as much as possible. Better for all of us, and especially since I'll be at home full-time.

Oh, did I forget to mention? I got my pink slip on Friday May 15th, so it looks like I'll be a stay-at-home mom until I find another job. I'd sooo much rather just be home with the baby and take care of our family, but it really depends on how things work out financially. Keep your fingers crossed. (Or we might be calling *you* and asking to move into your garage!)

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