Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Mother's Day

Last year at this time, I invited my family over for a special brunch to celebrate my mom. We had baked french toast, scrumptious bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage, fresh juice, and much more. It was an awesome feast. After eating, we gathered to share gifts with my mom, and thank her for everything. My gift to her was a photo of an ultrasound picture, and a bib that said "I love Grandma"-- my way of announcing that I was six weeks pregnant. She cried, I cried, we videotaped it. It was a very special, emotional day.

This year, Mother's Day was a little bit different. I have waited for this day for a long, long time. And while it wasn't everything I was dreaming of, in terms of celebration or "special" time, it was good for my soul. In the morning, Joel & I dropped off the baby for grandparent-time and went over to grab more stuff from my parents' Las Flores house... we made a delicious lunch (stromboli & salad) and spent time just hanging out with grammy & papa... we shopped for some crucial baby gear (sunglasses, floppy hat, sunscreen)... and we went for a Baby Bjorn walk in the evening, just the three of us. All in all, it was a fairly quiet day. Nothing to differentiate it from any other Sunday lunch with the family, except one small, perfect, amazing change: This time, I'm a mom. And I always will be. And that one thing is enough to change everything, and make what could be a mundane event into something unforgettable. Happy Mother's Day, to me. :)

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