Monday, May 11, 2009


Ethan's first tooth finally broke through his gums this weekend. And man-oh-boise, is it sharp! I read that for most babies, their teeth come in the same way, in order; bottom central incisors, top central incisors, and then out from there radiating towards the molars. For Ethan, his bottom teeth have been very visible in his gums for about a month now. It looks like the entire outline of his tooth underneath the surface of his gums, slightly swollen and red. Now that one tooth on the bottom is poking through, he is doing even more chewing and gnawing than usual-- and it feels like there might be some other teeth on top that are just about ready to cut through as well. Poor thing; it must be so uncomfortable! Especially because he is still pretty picky about the temperature of what goes in his mouth. He still wants his formula very warm (almost hot!), although we are trying to get him used to slightly cooler temperatures bit by bit. And when I try to give him cooled teething rings, or a cloth dipped in water and then frozen or even just refrigerated, he spits it out immediately. His favorite self-soothing technique seems to be chewing on fingers, although that can lead to bad habits (like biting!) later on, so I'm hoping we can find some other option for him soon...

Anyway, it's pretty awesome that his first tooth is finally through... we're on our way!

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