Friday, July 31, 2009

Burning Man... and so it begins

Although we've been planning this for some time now, it really hasn't hit me that we are actually going to go to Burning Man this August until today. Perhaps that is due to the uncertainty over how we would handle Ethan's care during that time; I kept a fairly large doubt in the back of my mind that we would even be able to get something nailed down in time, and considered the option of trying to sell our tickets if nothing came through. But like I noticed earlier, we have some wonderful friends out there. When I mentioned that we needed help, BOOM! They jumped at the chance. I actually had more offers than I could use, believe it or not! At this point, he will be staying with friends up north for the first half of the trip, then with a friend here in town for the second half of the trip. If I don't go crazy from missing him, I will be surprized. This will be the first time we've been away from him for more than 12 hours... and it will be TEN DAYS!!! Ugh. I can't really spend too much time thinking about it, or I'll convince myself not to go.

This Saturday, we'll be heading out to San Francisco for the Burning Man season opener Prepare for the Playa. They'll be having workshops about how to have a great Burn experience, fashion shows with tons of fur, LED costumes, steampunk, etc., and lots more. I can't wait! After meeting with our new camp-mates earlier this week, I've really started to feel the adrenalin pumping about this trip... pictures will be posted, never fear, with identities blurred to save the not-so-innocent.

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