Friday, September 18, 2009

Cemetery Adventures...

For some reason, I haven't written yet about our adventure with Para-Seekers Modseto, a group we found on We had a very interesting time, and hopefully one day we'll get to investigate with them again... you know, when we can get a babysitter set up and coordinate our schedules and so on. Anyway, we did have at least one excursion with them, and the cool thing about it was that we got to visit Joel's hometown: Oakdale, California. We actually got to visit the Oakdale Cemetery after hours, and walk around taking photos, recording EVP sessions, and just getting a feel for the place. It was odd in the beginning, because the first place I was drawn to was a child's grave. Great. Right after I leave my son with a babysitter, I find myself going over to the final resting place of a little baby. Ack! But in reality, it wasn't all that creepy, just... sad, and lonely, somehow.

Later in the evening, though, we actually got our own crazy, cool, personal experience with an anomaly-- that we caught on camera.

Sometime between 9 and 10 p.m., I began taking a series of pictures with my digital camera, holding the camera still and taking the same shot over and over. After taking the third picture, I saw in the digital display that there was suddenly a bright anomaly in front of the headstone. I continued taking photographs to see if the anomaly would still re-appear, but it was only visible in one picture.

The headstone, before:
anomaly after

The anomaly:

The headstone, after:
anomaly before

The anomaly, close-up:
anomaly close-up

The headstone, close-up, to show there are no reflective surfaces:

So.... do you think we had "an experience" out there? Hmmm? WE do!


  1. I saw what you posted on Facebook about no one leaving comments, and decided that was just wrong. I had been thinking about you and when I saw Veena the other day, she said you were home from Burning Man. So, as you can imagine, I was excited to see your Facebook post! I have spent the last hour reading all of your blogs. I have a lot of comments: Ethan is gorgeous, keep the pictures coming; I have a different baby einstein dvd if you want it; and your poem "Vertigo" is beautiful; and I still LOVE your humor, so keep the blogs coming!

  2. You are so awesome! You were always one of my favorites, and now I know why-- you are so generous with your time, your compliments, and your support. Love ya! :)