Saturday, September 12, 2009

While we were gone...

My son learned how to crawl! He must have had a good trainer in his friend Miss C., who stayed with him for a whole week while we were gone. She did some great work with him, because not only did he move past the "two-step" crawl/belly flop and straight into true crawling, but he also learned how to sit himself up while on the floor. He hadn't quite figured that one out before we left, so it's really neat to see him master that skill. It comes in handy when you don't want to keep laying on your stomach anymore, and want to be part of the action again. He has also started pulling himself up onto *everything* around him, which is both cool and frightening. He absolutely loves walking around while holding onto the furniture-- I guess it's called creeping, actually-- and can get up quite a speed these days. I think he'll be walking before too long, and that means we'll have to really get down to business securing the living room area so that he doesn't accidentally brain himself or something like that. He is also vocalizing a lot more lately; it sounds like we have a baby eagle talking to a pterodactyl in here sometimes!

In other news, it's actually raining in Modesto right now, bright and early on a Saturday morning. I love it! We're going to take the baby outside with us for a walk in a little bit, to let him see the weather change, up close and personal. I think he'll enjoy it-- he loves water with a passion, and is a pretty brave soul. I mean, unless you're talking about lions or elephants, because he does get a bit twitchy when he hears them. The latest Baby Einstein video we got scared him a little when the lion came out and roared, and then the other video featured an elephant blasting off, and both times he freaked out. I can't wait to harass him with those little facts when he's about 22 years old... bwahahahahahaha!!! But really, I wonder how much of it is just startling from the loud noises, because he also flips out when his dad lets loose one of his bone-shattering sneezes. Then again, so does everyone in the vicinity, so that's not saying much. ;)

Anyway, the Burning Man revelations will have to wait for another time-- it's far too much to share right now. First, experience. Then, digest. Next, process. I'm still working on digesting it!

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