Friday, February 4, 2011

Day Care

We just got back from visiting what we hope will become Ethan's day care center, once I've received a job offer. Notice how I'm assuming I'll be offered a job? Anyway, we were referred to this home day care by a friend of ours whose 13-year-old daughter went there as a child, and whose 2-year-old boy is currently there. The house is just lovely, and perfectly set up for little ones, with tables and chairs and cubbies galore. There are four other little boys there, all around the same age-- one is 2 1/2, one is turning 2 in March, and the other two are turning 2 in April.

When we got there, we set Ethan down and hoped for the best... and he immediately walked over to the play area and started interacting with the other kids. It was so awesome! It made me so happy to see him playing well with the boys, and being very careful with the toys and furniture, and even helping to pick up the chair when it fell over. I really hope that I hear back from one of the jobs soon with some positive news, so that I can get him into this day care; he would absolutely love it.


  1. This sounds wonderful! Isn't aweful having to wait for an offer? Hang in there!

  2. It does seem like a great place to leave him, which makes it much easier to do so. I'm really going to miss our time together (boo-hoo!) but I also believe he is going to absolutely love hanging out with other kids. And I can't WAIT to hear back from one of these jobs!!!