Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eat Your Beans!

Ethan has been starting to show signs of being a bit of a picky eater. This is not good news. It's actually quite annoying, when you get down to it. It isn't that he doesn't like vegetables, or doesn't like meat, or doesn't like one entire food group, either. It seems to be more of a texture issue, and possibly just the "newness" of a food item that is making him reluctant to try it. Sometimes, even something being new isn't a deterrent. He'll reach right out and grab a bite of food that he's never had before right off of my plate and shove it in his mouth without hesitation. Unfortunately, that only lasts two seconds, which is about how long it takes him to lean forward and let it fall out of his mouth.

He loves to eat things that are crisp or crunchy, so we've started to focus on snack type foods that are healthy and made from fruits or vegetables. So far he loves the Baked Snapea Crisps, veggie chips of any kind, and the fruit-flavored rice crisps...


They all seem fairly healthy, but I'd like to get him comfortable with trying regular, raw or cooked vegetables. You know, like green beans or corn or carrots. We're taking tips from books, the web, Super Nanny, and random strangers, so any suggestions are more than welcome!


  1. Preston LOVES blueberries....and those soy beans you can get in Japanese restaurants....sorry, I can't remember the name....something that starts with an "a" I think. They look like beautiful big peas.

  2. Ethan loves blueberries, too! Sometimes I freeze them for a different sort of treat; I actually love them both ways, too. You're thinking of edamame; I haven't tried that, but will for sure. This past week, he actually started eating some baked beans.. I'll explain how in my next post. ;)