Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hmm: The Artist Thinks


Ethan has really gotten into drawing lately. Usually on paper, but really any surface will do. He especially likes the little dry-erase markers, which I found actually do erase from the countertop (nice!) but not from skin or clothing (bummer). Yesterday he was drawing and started doing the funniest thing; I'm not sure where he saw it, or if he just came up with it on his own. He would draw a line or two and then pause, hold up his finger to his mouth as if pondering the way his drawing looked, and say "hmmmm..."


It was so funny! It was just like he was thinking to himself, "I'm not sure if this jagged blue line really goes next to this straight black line; perhaps a bit more emphasis on the left side of the page would really define my vision and allow the viewer to fully embrace the image I'm depicting." Then he would go back to his art, not just scribbling but in a very purposeful way laying down lines and zigzags and all of the right marks just where they belong-- punctuated every so often, of course, by a gentle "Hmmm...."


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  1. That was the cutest thing on Monday! He is such a little darling.