Monday, October 4, 2010

Job possibilities...

Just as we are getting into the roughest spot we've been in for a long time, I finally got some good news: I was invited to participate in TWO upcoming job interviews! Not only that, but Joel was just offered a job working for a magazine out of Sacramento, and the cool part is that he can telecommute (work from home) most of the time. Could it be that our luck is finally starting to turn around?

My two job options include working for a college in Stockton as the coordinator of a program assisting youth transitioning out of foster care, and working with the City of Modesto as a human resources analyst. Although I know that most of my career seems to have been spent leading me to the first job, I am actually leaning strongly towards the HR position. I feel like it is simply time to leave the field of social services for awhile, and explore different fields. Social service programs can be so draining, because I tend to "take home" the tragic stories of the people I'm supposed to be working with instead of leaving it at the office.


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The HR analyst job would allow me to use my skills in organizing, writing, planning and scheduling events, and working with people without all of the baggage that comes from working in a field dedicated to helping those in crisis. I am going to work really hard at preparing myself for this interview, and make it happen. That job is going to be mine, period! The interview is on the 18th, so hopefully I should have some news in just a few weeks. Wish me luck!

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