Thursday, October 28, 2010

Still No Word...

Nothing yet about the job. I'm starting to get nervous, considering it has been almost two weeks since my interview. Then again, Joel made a good point-- it took almost a year for them to call me for that very interview, after I took the test and did well enough to be ranked "1" (whatever *that* means). So I guess I should be patient... as hard as that is.

In the meantime, I'm working on getting through the week, coordinating my costume for our first Halloween in San Francisco EVER, and spending time with family and friends. All things I love, of course; dress up, hang out, and have fun. Tonight I got to see a dear friend after a long absence, and it was wonderful. Quite the balm for my tired soul! And she raved over Ethan, which I truly appreciate because it makes me see him in such a different, more loving and accepting light. I need that reminder every so often that he is amazing and wonderful and precious, because it can get too easy to see him colored by temper tantrums and frustrations and all of those things that toddlers go through while trying to learn the maddening rules of this crazy life. Anyway, I'm glad she came by to coo over his sweet face and adorable expressions and absolutely beautiful babblings and nonsense words; it made me want to cuddle him up and hold him until he fell asleep, hours later. Thank you, T! You remind me of the mom I want to be. :)

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