Friday, January 14, 2011

Shower Time

First of all, let me just say this: Showers are awesome! My new favorites are the walk-in or walk-through showers, like these below...
walkthru shower

The other day, I was getting ready to take a shower and invited Ethan in, as usual, to join me. He usually just plays in the water while I shampoo and so on, and then I wash his hair and body afterwards. We use it as a time to practice naming body parts, too, although he doesn't always want to play "This is my knee!" or practice using the soap; he'd rather just pour water in and out of his toy bucket instead. Anyhow, the other day I was preparing for our shower time when my husband walked in the room. Ethan leapt into his dad's arms and turned back around to me, pointing at me and saying "Hmm!" in a very peremptory manner.
walkthru shower2

Not sure what he meant, I assumed he wanted me to come over to him and his dad for a group hug. Nope! He pushed me away as I got closer and thrust out his finger again, pointing at me with the sort of mute meaning and determination that only a toddler can display. I asked him, "Do you want mommy?" And he shook his head immediately, pointing repeatedly at me. I think he finally understood that I was confused, because he pointed at me, then pointed at his shirt and pulled at it, and then went back to pointing in my direction again. Aha! I pulled at my shirt and asked him, "Do you want mommy to take off her shirt?" A huge smile of relief crossed his face and he said "Mm-hmm!"

He kept pointing until I had taken off every item of clothing. Yes, that's right, my son was directing me to strip. After I finished, he pulled the door closed and left with his dad... allowing me that rarest of luxuries, a shower all to myself. I guess it would have been a lot simpler for him to just say "No" when I asked if he wanted to go take a shower, but this way was much more fun-- and I can't wait to bust out this story when he gets older! No, no, just kidding; or am I?

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