Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taxes, Shmaxes


Just got my Form 1099-G listing my unemployment income from the EDD, so I guess all we have to do now is get Joel's tax information together and then we're ready to hit up our favorite H&R tax lady and get it done. This is especially good timing because we just got a notice in the mail from the IRS stating that they appreciate our correspondence from March 2008 and believe that we never filed our 2006 tax return. This is strange because I happen to have a copy of that return in my hot little hands as we speak. It's also strange because the state just recently contacted me saying that I never actually filed our 2008 tax return, although they acknowledge that we did file our 2007 & 2009-- even though all three tax years were mailed in the same envelope because H&R submitted amendments for 2007 & 2008 when we filed our 2009 taxes. So how can they have received two out of the three forms, when we sent them everything in one big packet?? This is beginning to feel like a bigger scam than it already is. :(

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