Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Unemployment Update: 2011

I'm now officially on the Fed-ed extension for my unemployment benefits. What this means is that I've exhausted my state benefits, and am now receiving federal benefits. My biweekly amount is lower than it was, but I'll be getting it for about another three to four months if I satisfy their requirements each week. They basically require three employer contacts (in search of work) per week, with name of person contacted, address of business, date contact occurred, and so on. It's pretty intensive, but then it's really just documenting what I've already been doing for two years now, so it's not like I have to drastically change my job search tactics.

I already have file folders overflowing with job applications that I've filled out and sent in; I keep the apps stapled to the job description so that I can keep track of exactly what I applied for (and why!) in case I get called in for an interview. A lot of times, they remove the job description after the position announcement closes, so if you're not careful you can go in to an interview desperately trying to remember the specific job duties listed in the original announcement. I also save each cover letter I write, and save copies of different types of resumes geared towards a wide range of fields; for example, administrative/managerial, office/clerical, social service/nonprofit, education/academic, and so on. It helps to have the letters and resumes organized already, so that I just have to make a few detail changes before attaching it to the application.

And with that, WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE HIRE ME ALREADY?!?!? Sheesh! This is starting to get ridiculous.


  1. Hi honey...glad there's a temporary help for you. Better than nothing. Hey have you tried Monster.com? I know you've probably tried just about everything. Maybe you could check back with that lady who wanted to hire you last year in the bay area. Commuting would be better than losing your home...or maybe you could find an apartment if you did have to move. I'd keep an open mind for just about anything at this point....if I were you. Keep up the good work! Love you!

  2. I've tried a lot of websites for job searches; monster, hotjobs, indeed, careerbuilder, centralvalleyjobs, opportunity knocks, ed-join, central california college registry, higheredjobs.com, and so on... I'm now sending out about 3-5 applications per week. I did like your idea of getting back in touch with that agency, though; thanks!