Friday, August 28, 2009

Missing my baby already...

This is the joy of my life, the boy who we will miss while we are on our adventure... although I can't wait to share adventures with him in the future. We are actually already planning trips to take with Ethan once we come back from this one. Is that crazy, or what?

Anyway... I am just so grateful to be this boy's mother, and to have the chance to share a life with him. What an unbelievable miracle he has been, from before he was born, all the way through the scary times surrounding his unexpectedly early birth, and even more so now. I am so thankful for this awesome, amazing child, and for this time right now, right here; how did I get so lucky? Sometimes I get jittery about saying such things, even in a blog, because of the old folk tales about appearing too happy with your lot; you know, if you are too loud in your happiness or too joyous about your blessings, they will be taken from you. It's like calling an evil eye down upon you and yours, or something. But I only entertain those ideas for a moment, and then get back to thanking my lucky stars (and God) for this gift. Now, if only I can hold onto this feeling even when we go through the turbulence of adolescence... :)

My darling boy, August 2009:

This kid has the most engaging laugh EVER! We love to hear him giggle and chortle away.

Our little water-baby... he absolutely adores bath-time, just like mommy. And I absolutely adore those almond eyes. Perfection!
Ethan 8-1-09

So, now do you see why it's going to be so hard to be without him? :)


  1. That is one cute baby!

  2. You said it! How did we get so lucky? :D