Sunday, August 16, 2009

Creepy, crawly...

After several weeks of practice, which involved push-ups, lots of "walking" with mom and dad (and anyone else, really), and tons of false starts, Ethan finally figured out the crawling process today. For a few weeks now he has been so, so close to crawling that *all* of us were starting to get a little frustrted, not just him. He would get up on his hands and knees, sort of rev up a little bit, and even moved his legs forward one at a time, and then-- nothing. He couldn't quite get the part about moving your arms forward, too. Instead, he would lock his upper body into place, so that after moving his legs forward a bit he was basically stuck. At that point, he would drop to the floor and go back to his marine-style belly crawl, which he's pretty good at. But tonight, the day after he turned 8 months old, he did it-- he moved his arms forward in sync with his legs! He may have only taken a few "steps" forward, but this is only the beginning. He is now, officially, a crawler!


Which is scary. It's also funny timing, because just this afternoon we all went out to Babies 'R Us to buy some home safety gear (latches, edge guards, etc.). Maybe he knew we were finally getting ready for a mobile baby, and so decided that now he was free to finally take the next step. Or maybe we just lucked out and waited until the next-to-last second before prepping the house!

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