Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sweet love, or zombie hunger?

Ethan is learning... I think. Either that, or he's trying to win me over with his sweetness so that he can then surprise attack me and devour my face. Here's the sitch.

Lately, we have begun a bedtime routine with Ethan. He takes a bath, which he loves dearly, and then he changes into his jammies. (Which for some reason I keep wanting to call his "nightie"; must be leftovers from growing up with all girls and then with an only niece.) After that, we go into the living room and read a couple of short books. The last book we read together is something about bedtime, or night-time, or sleeping; you get the general idea. After that, it's time to say goodnight to all of his friends throughout the house. His panda, named "Penguin", is the first animal we say goodnight to, with a big hug and a kiss. Then we we move on to Joel's photo of a bee (Ethan is completely thrilled by the "bzzz" sound. It's hilarious). Then, we work our way down the hall, saying goodnight to baby Ethan's portrait on the wall, and then to the bathtub (his favorite place), and then it's finally into his room. We say goodnight to his frog vaporizer, his piggy bank, and his giant teddy bear. And this is where it gets kind of weird.

I noticed the last couple of nights that Ethan started to open up his mouth while leaning in to the bear for his goodnight "kiss". I just figured that he was trying to give the bear his own kiss, and hadn't quite figured out the open-versus-closed mouth thing yet. So I wrote it off as a sweet new gesture Ethan's picking up. But then the other day, he leaned in towards me with that same open-mouth "kiss" that I thought was so adorable, and so I let him get all the way to my face-- where he proceeded to chomp down with all four of his razor-sharp teeth. That HURT! I was sort of unsure what to do next; do I yank myself back out of harm's way, or would that actually make things worse? He had a pretty good-sized hunk of cheek in his little mouth, and didn't seem like he was letting go any time soon. Long story short (too late!), I stuck my fingers in between his lips and my face and he eventually pulled back, and then-- in a simultaneously cute and disturbing way-- giggled with delight.

So now I don't know whether or not to trust this kid... does he love me, or does he hunger for my tasty flesh? And is that why he likes his formula so warm-- because it's so similar to body temp? Is he a changeling? A ZOMBIE changeling? Guess I'll have to keep an even closer watch on him from now on... and hide the "how-to" flicks like Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days Later. No need for an instructional video with this kid!

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