Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Ethan finally cut one of his top teeth yesterday. And by finally, I mean those upper gums have been swollen, red, and painful looking since early June... and just now are deciding to make an appearance! I'm so glad, too, because he has just been getting more and more miserable lately. For the past couple of weeks, he started waking up in the middle of the night again to take a full bottle and then head back to sleep. During the days, he would fuss and kind of whimper every so often, and was constantly rubbing at his mouth and gums. The last day or two before his tooth finally cut through his gums, we noticed that he was pushing his two lower teeth up and rubbing them across his upper gums, trying to help those top teeth come out. And man, let me tell ya, those bottom teeth are sharp, so he must have been pretty desperate to use them as cutting tools. Ouch!

He and I went to the Library today to pick up some books together, and see if they had any Baby Einstein DVDs. Well, turns out those are popular, and every single Baby Einstein movie is not only checked out, but reserved for the next person in line already. So we got a Veggie Tales DVD instead-- "Silly Songs with Larry"-- and he loves it. That's good news, because I love it too! I'm actually going to just have to buy the whole series, because I really enjoy all of the Veggie Tales episodes; they have great music, fun characters, and positive messages in every show. And the Silly Songs are absolutely hilarious. I still remember the words to my favorites from watching them with my niece almost ten years ago, which is either a testament to the songwriters' genius or an example of my own silly nature. Probably both.

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