Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Poem: Sunday Morning

Time for another poem... This one is actually the first one I wrote after meeting Joel in 2005. It's important to remember the beginning of things, every so often.

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"sunday morning"

this fluttering stillness
   like the calm in a raft on gentle waves
   like the quiet of grass under swaying trees
   like the silent activity behind drawn glass doors...
it tickles my heart,
making it twirl and pirouette
to the sound of giggles and clapping hands.

you are a sanctuary
and i rest within your hushed grove
trailing my hands on your viney statues
breathing in your green vitality
digging my toes into the mossy undergrowth
and reveling in this rich serenity.

this eager restfulness
   like a darkened theater just before the show
   like children on the stairs early Christmas morning
   like a mother-to-be with one hand on her belly...
it blossoms inside me,
making me smile for no reason
while songs tumble into a glorious symphony inside my head.

you are seeping into me
a green and blue osmosis, filling up my empty spaces
bringing an energy laced with tranquility
the pause before speaking
the moment before movement
when the world is full of infinite possibilities...

and the only thing that frightens me
is the ease with which i'm falling
or floating, really,
gently shifting by degrees,
making it less obvious to the naked eye
that you have already begun
laying down roots.

© MSE, 24-06-2005

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  1. For some reason, I really love the line "a blue and green osmosis." Just wanted to say that. :)