Friday, October 9, 2009

Standing Room Only

Did I mention that my son is amazing? It's true! Unlike other parents, this time it's the absolute, unvarnished truth. (Ahem.) But anyhow-- it really is amazing how quickly they go from absolutely dependent, floppy, delicate creatures to these curious, tough, excited little monkeys out to conquer the world. Ethan has just started to branch out into the "walking" arena, and it's just unbelievable to watch. He can cruise along the furniture and couches like nobody's business, and can move from standing to sitting to crawling with zero problems. Recently, he started standing on his own, without balancing against a prop object or someone's hands, for almost a minute at a time. He can even take a few steps as long as you're right next to him, but then he usually realizes he's walking on his own and wobbles himself right back down onto the floor. This kid is mere moments away from taking his first real steps, and he's only 9 1/2 months old! What the hoo-ha?! Brilliant, genius, blah blah blah... you get the point. He's awesome. ;)

In other news, his next pair of teeth are busting through on the bottom, so that he'll have eight chompers shining in all their glory by the end of this week. Unfortunately, that means he's been having a rough time of it with the teething pain. His cheek has gotten a little bit swollen and red this past week, and he's been crying out in his sleep and waking up for comfort and/or milk at least once a night for the past couple of weeks. All of the drooling is even causing a bit of a rash on his little chin, pobrecito... can't wait 'til those suckers finally bust through!

And I'm hoping that his teething is what has been making it so hard for him to eat real food lately. In fact, he isn't really "eating" much of anything. He still drinks his formula like a champ. But eating? Not so much. He's just not interested! Every so often, I'll be able to get him to take a whole container of plums & apples, or banana-plum-oats, or applesauce with cinnamon... he'll even eat crackers, veggie puffs, and teething biscuits, but not much else. Sometimes, he seems interested in the food we have on our plates, so I cut it smaller and give it to him, but he only takes a few bites and then he's done. What the heck, kid? I mean, he used to eat just fine, but for the past couple of months he's been sticking to milk. I guess he'll get there in time... I'll just keep on trying until one day, he gets it. It kind of reminds me of how it took him about two months to finally "get" how to drink out of a bottle. It's another lesson for me in learning how to let him go at his own pace. Learn, self, learn!!!

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