Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's the ASL sign for "peekaboo"?

Ethan has really been talking up a storm lately. Dadadada seems to be his favorite (of course), but he is vocalizing so much that we expect a word any day now. I love hearing him "talk" to us; sometimes he does such a great job imitating the rise and fall of regular speech that you almost wonder if he already is talking to us!
So far, the baby sign language hasn't kicked in yet, but I'm still giving it a go. We're working on milk, eat, more, and hurt right now. I hope that we can get at least a little bit of communication going on through the sign language, because it would be oh-so nice to know why he is upset instead of having to guess every time. Although I'm starting to become an expert on which whine or cry means I'm tired, or I'm hungry, or I'm bored. But still, it would be great to be able to give him the power to communicate his needs more effectively.

One thing he doesn't need to tell me is that he is definitely a morning person. He is almost always happy and smiling in the morning, and loves to just loll around with me and Joel in our room. He is positively beaming for at least an hour or two, before going back into his normal happy, inquisitive self. It's probably my favorite time with him; he's just so sweet and loving in the morning, you can't help but have a better day after spending time with him. It's one of the things I would miss most if I went back to work. (sigh)

But enough of that! Let's focus on the fun stuff. Like tonight, for instance, when he was initiating "peekaboo" with me. He loves to play peekaboo around the couch and ottoman, and loves to chase me around the house and be chased, but tonight was the first time he has actually been the one to hide his face and then pop out to "peekaboo!" when I call for him. He was standing by the kitchen bar counter, and would hide his head on the other side of the counter. I would call out "Where are you? Where are you, Ethan?" And then when he would pop his head into view, giggling uncontrollably, I would say "Peekaboo!" and we would both crack up. It was so awesome! I love that he's initiating play like this; that's my brilliant boy!

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