Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We're trying to slowly introduce a wider variety of solid foods into Ethan's diet, so that eventually he can start relying less and less on milk as his main source of food. So far, we have sporadic luck. He usually prefers to eat what we're eating, so I've pretty much stopped buying baby food. Very rarely, he'll eat a container of fruit, but he typically pushes anything pureed away immediately. One thing he definitely loves, just like his mama, is mangoes. He can't get enough of those bad boys! A friend of ours just gave us a bunch of ripe mango slices, and I'm pretty sure they'll be wiped out by the end of the week.

The funny thing is, it's actually difficult for *us* to get used to feeding him solids. It is obviously a lot easier to just give him a bottle and be done with it. Taking out regular food, dicing it up, making sure it's warm enough but not too warm, being careful about the salt content, and then working with him on getting said food into his mouth is all a lot of work. The thing that I keep trying to explain to his other parent is that there is an end goal here: Ethan being able to feed himself. Ethan being able to eat a regular meal of solids and liquids. Ethan growing up to be a self-sufficient child and adult. Maybe I should make a few motivational posters, or something, to keep our eyes on the prize. ;)

Here's one of our latest attempts at feeding. He pushed the spoon away several times, so I just gave him the food on my fingers. He makes these hilarious faces when he first tastes the food, but then he chews and swallows and opens up for more. It's like, "What is this crazy, strange-smelling, weird-tasting, oddly-textured stuff you're trying to shove in my face? Wait a second-- give me some more!!"


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