Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby Shower Time!

Two of my cousins are pregnant and due in late spring/early summer I get to go to one baby shower this weekend and one a month from now... which is awesome because (a) I love baby showers, and (b) I love my cousins! The only thing that bugs me is that I have been trying to find this one gift that I was given and that we absolutely love, and I can't find it anywhere except on eBay, and it's not even exactly the same thing... Gotta work on it and see if I can find it!!


  1. Hi there...can't wait to see you tomorrow! BTW, Amy is due in June...the 8th...and Chrissie is due July 19th. Unless you have another cousin who's due in apologies. lol Drive safely!! -Kathy

  2. Ack! I knew that, I just got my months all screwy. Thanks for the reminder, sometimes I forget my own name ;)