Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Big Boy :)

CIMG4569 (Large)

I can't believe how "old" my gorgeous baby boy seems to be getting. He is truly talking a mile a minute now; he has so many words in his vocabulary that I can't really count them. The only problem is, I'm starting to lose the reference points I used to have for his speech. For example, I used to know that he was talking about his favorite UmiZoomi episode about the dump truck who tried to stop UmiCar from winning the race by various dirty tricks (raising the bridge, dumping sand on UmiCar, spilling slippery bubbles on the ground, etc.). He'd tell me the story over and over again and because I knew the sequence of actions already, it helped me to figure out what he was trying to say. Now that he's in daycare, he has a completely new set of experiences throughout the days that I'm not privy to, and it's starting to get a little more difficult to understand his conversations. Guess that means I'll just have to try a little harder!

At least I know one thing he won't stop talking about.... TRUCKS!
CIMG4567 (Large)


  1. Absolutely love those dimples! Too bad Ethan and Preston aren't closer. I think they'd enjoy playing with each other. -Kathy

  2. His dimples are my favorites, too!! He has two, just like me, but in different places. :) I wish we lived closer to family, so that Ethan could play with his cousins and really get to know all of you... once we start getting some positive cash flow in this house, we're taking some major road trips to help make up for the distance problem. :)

  3. Great...I need to come your way too! I haven't made a trip that way for a very long time. -Kathy