Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On the Road to Recovery?

Well, I went in this morning and spoke with my placement specialist from the temp agency about what was going on at work. As usual for me during a stressful conversation like that one, I ended up crying in front of her. Ugh! I wish I could get a better handle on my emotions during those types of meetings... Anyway, she sympathized with me and agreed that the management was reacting inappropriately and unprofessionally in their communications with me. She suggested that I speak with the vice-president about what was happening and see how she responded to me. I agreed, but after leaving her office was so emotional that I felt unprepared to go in to work that day. I had a blasting headache from the stress and was weepy and tense, and so I called in to work that I wasn't feeling well and that I'd be in around noon that day. I used my time at home to gather my thoughts, calm down, grab some groceries, finish a homework assignment, and just try to bring up the zen factor before going in to work.

When I arrived, I found out that my manager wasn't even there-- he'd called in sick again. So the only other "yuck" factor was the president. The thing is, I think my placement specialist called over and spoke with the company, because everything was different today. The president was cordial, if a bit distant, and his wife (the vice-president) came over several times to check on me, ask if I needed any help or support, and let me know she was here if I needed her. When she asked how I was feeling, because I'd called in sick, I told her it was a pretty good headache. She said, "I hope it's not stress from work..." and then followed it up with "I don't want you to feel overwhelmed or discouraged by anything that's happened; we think you're doing a great job and we know that this is a complicated job to learn." We had a pretty decent conversation after that, and I'm thinking that things might be on the mend. Too early to say yet, but I'm hopeful. :)


  1. Hi Mel....I typed up a big comment to your post the other day where you were talking about your stress at work....then evidently I wasn't logged into my wordpress it didn't recognize my userid and I lost everything I typed. I was too frustrated to type it over...but I wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you...and know you are doing your best. It sounds like you may have done the best thing possible...sounds like from what you said, they are being nicer and concerned for you now. That's great. Hey can't wait to see you Saturday at the shower....come hungry! We're having a nice lunch too! Love, Kathy

  2. Ooooh, I hate it when that happens-- so frustrating!!! But thank you so much for the words of support. I love that we've connected via the internet and that we can show how much we care about each other through our blogs... love you so much!! Can't WAIT til this weekend. :)

  3. Thanks for that comment Mel....I am SO happy too that we keep connected this way. I try to do the Facebook thing...and I see that you and Laurie talk a lot that way...I just don't go there that often...maybe once a week. But happy that we share the blog thing! Love you too! See you in the morning! -Kathy