Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Language Blast

Ethan's language skills have shot through the roof over the past couple of months. It's so crazy to hear him speaking and actually understand what he's saying, and know that it means something rather than just being babble noises. Now that he's in daycare, interacting with several other kids who are around his age and stage of development, he's just blossoming... the only thing is, I don't get to witness it firsthand, so sometimes I'm not quite sure exactly where he's getting certain phrases.

Yesterday morning, for example, we were leaving for daycare when he stopped in front of the bushes that line our front walkway. He leaned over, sniffed dramatically, then scrunched up his nose and said, "Ew, gross!" My instinct was to laugh, which of course I did, but at the same time I was completely surprised by the fact that he said the word "gross" so clearly and so much like an older kid. Now, why again was I so worried about his speech several months ago? He's obviously got the important words down already! In fact, about the only time he's not talking these days is when he's doing this...

IMG_2095 (Medium)


  1. The last time Ethan was over here to play with Ba Ba and gram pa, he pulled a trick on Ba Ba. He rolled one of his small trucks off of the coffee table. It rolled off the table by his foot, but he started looking over behind the couch, saying, where'd it go BaBa?? Of course I asked him where it went, and he spread his hands out, saying, Idontknow (it is all one word you see), and then jumped up with the truck in his hand, giggling! He makes your heart swell up with love. We are so blessed.

  2. He has been asking me all week when we're going to go see BaBa again... he misses you guys like crazy! We'll come over and harass you very soon. :)