Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dana Point, CA: Wedding Weekend pt.2

It was a beautiful, intimate, genuine wedding, with a sincere show of love and affection from a very nice group of people. Oh, and one very sweet, very in-depth, very long wedding speech from the groom's mother. (The father of the groom gave a helpful shout-out about the time limits at the 24-minute mark, which got the whole reception giggling.) The lovely wedded couple, Mr. and Mrs. Greg & Karla Fiske, wowed the reception with their dance moves:
DSC00600 (Medium)

There were some great friends there, too, which always makes a party that much better. Because Greg and Joel met at San Jose State, a lot of the guests were their dorm buddies, like John, Phil, Dave, and Jen. They still keep in fairly regular contact with each other, which I think is pretty cool. It's tough to maintain friendships for twenty years, but these guys are doing it!

Joel's SJSU college friend John and his fiance Andrea, who will be getting married this August in Tahoe:
DSC00589 (Medium)

Joel's SJSU college friend Dave and his wife Vy, who got married in 2008:
DSC00587 (Medium)

And even a friend or two I hadn't met yet, like Joel's SJSU college friend Jen & her husband:
DSC00627 (Medium)

We had a great time, and even though we missed Ethan, it was nice to have a little weekend vacation to ourselves. Keeps the romance alive, what what?

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