Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weeds Begone

Ever since we moved in, the back yard has been a disaster. Every so often we go all out and try to spruce it up, but we're hesitant to put too much money into it because it's only a rental. Now that Ethan's up and walking around and able to play back there, though, I've developed a newfound motivation to work in the yard. One of my first goals is to deal with this type of crabgrass-weed-scratchy-yuck that is carpeting the "lawn."

CIMG3087 (Medium)

I can't stand it! It's so rough that you can hardly walk on it without discomfort. I decided to weed a bit:

CIMG3088 (Medium)

And ended up with bare dirt, because pretty much anything that was green was a nasty weed. As one of my friends mentioned, it'll make a lot of great compost!

CIMG3116 (Medium)

It'll have to do, until I can figure out what type of ground cover I can put down there instead. For now, he loves to dig in the dirt and make little piles everywhere, so at least he's enjoying the fruits of my labor.

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  1. We sometimes have canisters of this stuff called dichondria--it's a supersoft ground cover that has the cutest little leaves--I'll see if I can find you some.