Monday, June 21, 2010

Tool Time with Ethan

CIMG3212 (Medium)

One of Ethan's favorite things to do is go out in the garage and work with his dad. (Okay, so maybe "near" would have been more accurate than "with.")

CIMG3213 (Medium)

Ever since he was a tiny little thing, he has loved to play with anything metallic or mechanical. He tries to unscrew things using a pencil or stick if he can't reach it with his own fingers, and he is constantly trying to see how things work. He already figured out how to unlock certain of our child safety locks, before he even hit eighteen months. Truly his father's son!

CIMG3210 (Medium)

Except when daddy's working. Then, he's his mother's son, and his mother is expected to get him out of the garage STAT. Apparently, toddlers aren't as much help as you might think when you're working with RV generators and electrical appliances.

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