Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Playing Outside

Ethan loves to be outside. I know, I know, what kid doesn't? But he is really enjoying the weather change that allows us to spend more time outdoors. Now that the rain and wet is finally done with, we can play and have fun out in the yard. He absolutely adores his water table, which we picked up by chance at a yard sale for under $5.00. What a bargain!

CIMG3068 (Medium)

He's also taken to climbing up on the patio chairs, which is problematic because they fall over very easily, and I keep having these recurring visions of him doing a chair flip right onto the edge of a cement block. So far, though, he's using his rudimentary sign language to tell us when he wants to get down.

CIMG3067 (Medium)

That's definitely the easy way!

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