Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Ethan on bed-1_06-29-10 (Medium)

We went ahead and bought Ethan a toddler bed-- from a garage sale, of course-- and got it all cleaned and set up in his room. So far, he hasn't slept on it, but it's one of his new favorite play areas. Every time we go in his room, he runs over and throws himself on it, then grabs his stuffed animals and just goes to town.

Ethan on bed-2_06-29-10 (Medium)

That means either throwing down some serious WWF-style body slams, or hurling the poor little things across the room... always followed by tender, affectionate hugs.

Ethan on bed-3_06-29-10 (Medium)

It's hard to believe he's growing up so fast, and is already almost in a toddler bed... Next thing you know, he'll be talking a mile a minute and tying his shoes. Ack! Slow down a minute, kid, and let me enjoy this! I want to be able to cherish that little toddler just a tiny bit longer, before he becomes a boy, then a young man, and then-- but I should stop now, and get back to enjoying him.

Ethan on bed-4_06-29-10 (Medium)

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