Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ethan's New Pet, E.T.


Okay, so maybe it isn't an animal... it's actually an electric shoulder/neck/back massager that my dad loaned me after watching me crank my entire body every time I wanted to turn my head earlier today. Once Ethan set eyes on it, he decided it was his new pet. And he is having a lot of fun "walking" his little guy around on its leash (a.k.a., the power cord) and playing with it. Oh, and apparently it's also fun to try to communicate with it by pressing the little round massage-ball-thingies into your eye sockets.


Ack! Anyway, Ethan loves his new pet, which I dubbed "E.T." because-- well, just look at the thing. Is it not a reincarnation of our beloved extra-terrestrial?


He loves it so much that he tried to bring it with him into his crib at bedtime. Sorry, pal, but since I still can't quite turn my head to the left, that little jewel is staying with me. Thanks for the loan, dad!

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